Observa_money making phone app

If you are tired of making pennies on surveys, this app helps you to make few dollars for few minutes of work.

There are two ways to make money:

1. Completing tasks:

  • Download app from ObservaNow and you will be able to see list of opportunities right away.
  • Most of the opportunities require you to visit specific store, take few pictures and answer some questions.
  • two types of opportunities:
    • public opportunities (mostly in USA, but there are some for Canada as well) – ex. visit specific store and take pictures
    • Anywhere Opportunities – ex. take a photo of a bicycle
  • You have two hours to complete task after you accepted opportunity so make sure that you are able to finish it in given time frame.
  • submit your opportunity after completion.
  • after your submission gets approved, money shows in your PayPal account. (I got paid withing 24 hrs)
  • downside: not a large number of opportunities to chose from. However, I still love it because it is easy and if you visit different places anyway you have a chance to make some “gas” money on side.

2. Referring friends:

if you use my referral link to sign up ObservaNow I will earn 25% of your first 4 completed opportunities. Once you signed up, the system will create your unique referral link that you can pass to your friends and family. There is no limit to referrals so there is no limit to amount of $$$ you can make.


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