IXL Learning – home schooling – fun way for my child to improve his Math and English skills.

I found an easy and fun way for my child to improve his Math and English skills.

I grew up in a school system where we got homework every day. My son is in grade three and he still does not have any homework. Since they do not have grades, I find out at the teacher parent conference if my child is doing well or not. To be honest, it makes me a little nervous. I was looking for something that makes my son motivated to learn and at the same time does not require me to sit with him for hours and hours every night trying to teach him additions, subtractions, multiplications, complex nouns….  I found it.

1.       He comes home and wants to learn

2.       I do not have to hire expensive tutor

3.       He can study anywhere if he has internet

a.        vacation in Mexico or Europe?  No problem!

b.        At home sick? No problem!

4.       Curriculum covers Canadian Kindergarten to grade 12 materials

5.       You can pick English, Math or both

6.       Assessment places child to proper level

7.       He receives instant feedback, so he knows if he is doing a good job or if he needs to practice more

8.       I, as a parent, get progress reports and charts to see his progress …

I love it. He loves it. It is a win/win. Everybody is happy. If your child struggles at school or if you just want to make sure that he/she is on the right track – give it a try.

As we all know, education is never free, so see below for pricing info and see the link below for a 20% discount.

Monthly plan:

1.       Monthly plan for 1 subject is $12.95 CAD

2.       Monthly plan for Math and English (together) $19.95

3.       Each additional child is $3.00/m

Annual Plan:

1.       Annual plan for 1 subject is $99 CAD

2.       Annual plan for Math and English (together) $159 (BEST VALUE – NOW with the 20% discount Only $127.20 – this average to $10.60/m)

3.       Each additional child is $30.00/year

Get 20% discount if your register through my link

IXL Learning – is an American educational technology company based on learning. The company’s main product is ixl.com, a website primarily offering educational practice for K-12th graders. A learning website kids love! Master 2000+ K-12 skills online. Proven success. K-12 Math Practice. Standards-based Learning. Immediate Feedback. Adaptive & Individualized. Courses: Jr. Kindergarten Math, Kindergarten Math, Grades 1-12 Math, Grades 1-12 English.

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