App that gives you Private Phone number – now Lifetime subscription with Hushed for only $25

Hushed is an app that gives you private phone number.

How many of you sold things through Craigslist or Facebook Market? How many of you registered for online dating service? How many of you shared your private cell phone number with total strangers and regretted it later? Protection of your privacy is important so stop sharing your actual cell phone number and use Hushed# instead.

  • Hushed is app that offers private burner number that can be easily changed if necessary.
  • Hushed offers phone numbers in about 45 countries
  • Hushed offers texting to SMS and MMS
  • Available for Android and iOS mobile devices
  1. If you would like to get your lifetime membership with Hushed for $25, please visit my link
  2. Create free account through BoingBoing Store
  3. Enter Hushed in search box
  4. Find and sign up for the $25 lifetime subscription deal.
  5. You will get $10 credit and I will get $10 credit !
Get 2nd phone number for privacy
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