US promotion for IXL educational program – 7 day free trial

Who would not want their kids to excel in everything they do? For all our friends in USA, you guys are lucky to have a chance to try IXL educational program free for 7 days. If you want your kids to have fun while learning, make sure that you try this program. My son loves the English and Math modules. IXL is used for home schooling in many countries. My son attends school, but we use it as an additional learning tool. I can personally say, it works. It is easy to use and your child get instant feedback so they know that they are on correct track. Program covers levels K- Grade 12 and if you ever decide to get the full membership, it is much cheaper than paying tutor. So do not hesitate and use the 7 day free trial. IXL is also running multi country promotion for the full membership at 20% off. You can use this link for the 20% discount. Happy learning.

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